Red Dragon

Suitable for: Children and adults

Dimensions: 10’h, 25’w, 19’d

Suitable for: Outdoors and indoors – subject to space – eg large schoool/sports halls, large farm sheds/barns etc.

Our Welsh themed adult or children’s bouncy castle with graphics, including the Welsh red dragon and the fleur d’Lys. This is a ‘big boy’ for all those large special events. This one is really for those who have a big garden and big ideas with so much room and space to bounce and with so much freedom, you really can do as you please. It is ideal for school fetes, corporate events, charity events and fund raisers. This is our 2nd heaviest Bouncy castle and will normally be delivered by two men using a sack trolley.

Stats: (w) 25ft x (d) 19ft x (h) 10ft. For outdoor use only. (This castle has a overnight booking charge of £20 conditions and may apply)

Please note, you must have a passageway of at least 3ft wide in order to transport this unit to where it is to be set up. If the venue is not on the ground floor, a lift must be available. If you have narrow access, or a gate which is smaller than 3ft 6in wide then please book one of our smaller units. Access through a house is not possible.