Disco Terms and Conditions

All Package bookings are subject to the full terms and conditions which are in the hire agreement. Also please read the F&Q page. All details and alterations, if necessary, will be on the hire agreement form, which must be signed and returned a week before the function date.

All Packages are subject to availability. If an item is already booked out, a suitable alternative will be arranged at the digression of ACM Entertainments. All castles come unmanned, but can be manned at an extra cost. Mains electric must be provided for all inflatables at a length of no more than 50 meters from socket. If further, generator hire is again available at an extra cost, but must be re-filled with petrol on collection.

Where a party is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the party, you will forfeit the deposit, and if the party is cancelled within 14 days of the scheduled date of the party you will forfeit the full cost of the booking. Cancellations must be made in writing or via e-mail and we must have acknowledged the cancellation for it to be valid. We will make every effort to accommodate postponements, but otherwise these cancellation terms apply.


These conditions apply in the case of a for all bookings that are taken for ACM Entertainments.

A booking will not be deemed confirmed, until the signed contract / confirmation form and any deposit is received.

A non-refundable deposit of ÂŁ50.00 is required. This can be made by a personal cheque (which must be cleared before the booking is deemed confirmed), or in person. It is most important that any balance remaining, must be paid IN FULL once the DJ has set up and sound checked the equipment, and BEFORE THE START OF THE PERFORMANCE. The booker / client is advised that, failure to comply with this request, may delay the start of the performance. Depending on when the booking was made, payment in FULL on arrival may be deemed more appropriate.

The person signing the booking contract / confirmation will be deemed the booker / client and is liable for all outstanding fees to ACM Entertainments. This person must be over the age of 18 years.
The booker is responsible in ensuring that a safe electrical supply, terminating in a double socket, be available in the vicinity of the performance area.

The booker shall inform ACM Entertainments if the performance is to be outside, in a marquee or be powered by an electrical generator. It is also advisable to mention if the performance area is upstairs, or particularly difficult to get to. The booker shall inform ACM Entertainments if the audience is to be over 300 in number. Extra equipment may be necessary.

It is the responsibility of the booker to ensure that the venue / function room is available for setting up, no less than 1 hour before the performance is due to begin. Also to ensure that at the end of the performance, up to 40 minutes is allowed for ‘breaking down’ and packing away.

The booker will be responsible for the good conduct of the guests, audience or singers, this includes any person in the function room or area, whether an invited guest or not, (gatecrashers) or other persons with access to the performance area.

Where deemed necessary, the booker, at their expense, will provide security or door staff to monitor the likelyhood of intruders into the function. Abusive behaviour towards the presenters, interference with, or damage to the equipment will not be tolerated, and may result in the withdrawal of the entertainment. In this case the full fee would be forfeited. The booker also agrees that they shall be liable for any replacement / repairs to equipment damaged by unruly guests.

ACM Entertainments will perform at a reasonable sound level, and in accordance with the bookers wishes. However, if advised by the venue management / health and safety officers / local council noise abatement personnel or the police, to lower the volume or to stop the performance altogether, then we shall be bound to abide by their advice.

Should the performance be curtailed earlier than the contracted time, by either the booker / client or venue management, ( or in the case of any of the circumstances set out above ) or in the case of a power cut, or adverse weather conditions ( if outside ) in these circumstances, the full fee will still be required. We carry spares of the main items; therefore total failure of the equipment is almost impossible. However, should the disco / karaoke be unable to continue in such a case, a pro-rata refund will be returned to the booker.

In the highly unlikely event that ACM Entertainments’ Disco / Karaoke is unable to perform or fulfil the booking, any deposit will be refunded, and a suitable replacement at the same fee, sought, but cannot be guaranteed. We will do our utmost to make sure the booking is ‘covered’. This is the sole extent of our liability to the booker.