Soft Play and Ball Pools

For the young children! From little babies to about 3, our range of age appropriate equipment will mean everyone is happy. These items are great for dexterity and movement.

Soft Play: The soft foam shapes are easy to build and soft enough to land on, they come supplied with a foam matting that slots together and is capable of going in any room whatever the shape or size.

Wiggle cars: The wiggle cars are great fun and easy to use. for slightly older children from say 3 up. They are a great talking point. They are best used on a hard wood floor or other smooth surface. They can be used on carpet, but are not quite as good.

The Baby Bounce: is a small castle that is suitable for toddlers. It comes without balls, but balls can be provided at a small extra cost. There is a netted screen that can be pulled down to keep children and balls inside, although this is easily rolled up for ease of use. There is a small ‘step’ to prevent smaller children from falling out, and has bright eye catching artwork on the outside .