How do I book?

The preferred method is by telephone or you can email us, or contact us on Facebook.

How much notice do I need to give for a booking?

You can book anytime however bookings get very busy so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Alternatively you can contact us on the day as we may have availability.

How much does it cost?

It depends on where the booking is taking place, how long the booking is for and what in particular the castle is for. All these points are taken into account before a final price is given. Therefore it is recommended to call ACM to ascertain a quick and reliable no obligation quote. However do remember that we operate booking on a first come first served basis, and dates get filled up quickly.

What does the price include?

The price includes the delivery, set up, inflation, blower, castle, safety mats, pegs, extension cable where necessary, circuit breaker and collection. If you wish the castle to be manned there is an additional cost of £20/hr for each unit supplied.

When are your bouncy castles available?

Our castles are available 7 days a week all year round including Bank Holidays. Please note, discounts are not available on Bank Holidays.

How long do I get the equipment for?

Prices are based on 2-3 hours, however arrangements can be made for earlier or later collection, depending on unit availability.

Do you hire overnight?

Under certain circumstances this can be arranged, please contact us.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Deposits are not required for the booking of bouncy castles; however, if you decide to cancel, the cancellation fees do apply.

How do I pay?

Most people choose to pay cash on delivery, however if you prefer to pay in advance we accept BACS Pay Pal most visa/debit card and cheques. Please be advised that cheques need to be cleared before the booking date.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellation prior to 8 weeks of the event would NOT hold you liable for any costs:

Within 4 weeks you will curtail a 25% charge of the hire total
Within 3 weeks you will curtail a 50% charge of the hire total
Within 2 weeks you will curtail a 100% charge of the hire total

What if it rains?

If it rains, some of our units have a shower cover. These units will be made available in the case of this event. These shower covers do not make a unit waterproof; it just enables you to use the unit in the event of quick showers. Once the unit has been booked, you will be responsible for it regardless of the weather conditions. Appropriate alternative venues should be made by the hirer. Most of the units are capable of going into large halls/ marquees. It is a HSE recommendation that castles should not be used in wet conditions.

ACM will endeavor to contact the hirer if the weather looks adverse. If by the time the staff from ACM Entertainments has arrived, and the weather has changed dramatically, and all parties have decided that it is not appropriate to set up the castle, ACM reserve the right to be able to ask for traveling expenses. It is up to the discretion of ACM to waiver the cost of the castle in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Can the bouncy castle be set up on a slope?

No this is not possible, however if it is a very slight slope it may be OK, you will need to discuss this prior to the booking.

How long does it take to set up/inflate/deflate/pack up the inflatable?

The bouncy castles take approx 10 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack up. However this is only an estimate, times may vary depending on which castle you hire.

How much space is needed?

You will need to allow a minimum of 5 feet at the front and rear of castle and 3 feet either side this is to allow access and the blower at rear. Please make sure all garden items such as garden toys, swings, slides, patio furniture, rubbish etc. are removed from the area where the castle is to be sited. For the larger units including the rodeo rides, it is necessary to have a passage way of at least 3ft wide in order to deliver these units. Please be aware of the height of the unit booked, and make sure there is adequate head clearance, as the full cost will still have to be paid in full due to the customers fault if the unit does not fit.

When I hire the castle is there anything I need to provide?

We supply all the hardware you will need for the castle. You will need to provide a 240 volts mains power supply or a generator can be provided at extra cost.

Do you supply safety instructions?

Yes we provide detailed safety instructions with every hire.

Do I need insurance?

We give a disclaimer to you, to be signed at the beginning of the hire. This means that the hirer is totally responsible for the purchase of insurance if it is needed, this is at your digression. Unless ACM Entertainments is manning the unit, our insurance will not cover the hirer. To have ACM Man the unit, it will incur an additional cost of £20 per unit per hour, and is subject to availability.

Is there an age limit for children using the castle?

Yes, all our castles are suitable for children up to and including the age of 14 unless otherwise stated.

Do You Give Discounts For Charity?

Generally, no. ACM Entertainments works closely with several charities and these are the only ones we offer a discount to. As you will appreciate we are a business and will never make a living if we give equipment out for free.

How do I make a Disco or Karaoke booking?

In the first instance, it is preferable to contact us by telephone or email, to ascertain that we are available for your requested date. You will then receive a signed contract (duplicate) which you will then sign and return with your deposit. Once all is received and in order, the booking is then deemed confirmed.

What if I have made a Disco or Karaoke booking at short notice?

If you have made a booking at short notice, payment in full should be made upon arrival at the venue.

How much time do you need to set up the disco and Karaoke?

In most instances one hour is plenty of time, assuming the performance area is clear of obstacles. You should also allow for up to 45 minutes for us to pack away at the end of the performance.

I have made a Disco or Karaoke booking but need to cancel, what should I do?

You must telephone us immediately if the booking looks in doubt of proceeding. A booking will not be deemed cancelled, until it has been put in writing and signed by the booker.

If a booking is cancelled within 8 weeks of the event date, you will forfeit 25% of the contracted fee
If a booking is cancelled within 6 weeks of the event date, you will forfeit 50% of the contracted fee
If a booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the event date, you will forfit 100% of the contracted fee

Any deposits will also be forfeited, unless the booking is rescheduled for a future date. In the event of certain unforeseen circumstances, ACM will be as accommodating as possible. This will be at ACMs’ digression.

What if ACM has to cancel the booking?

In the highly unlikely event that we have to cancel the booking, we will do our utmost to find a suitable replacement at the same fee. Your deposit will also be returned.

I am a landlord / events planner, and would like to try Karaoke in my venue, but am unsure of the response. What if no one gets up to sing?

With ACM Entertainment’s Karaoke you have the chose of having a KDJ that sings or a DJ that gets the audience to sing. We can be rather persuasive with reluctant singers. However, should the audience be slow to react, we will gladly fill in with our own songs and music.