Boogie Bounce Houses / Disco Domes

NEW FOR 2015. Check out the latest Craze!¬†This is a bouncy castle with disco lights and sound system all in one! It’s absolutely amazing and needs to be seen to be appreciated. The boogie bounce is similar to a disco dome, but it is house shaped! therefore easier to fit into halls and smaller rooms. Our boogie bounce has two doormen on front checking everyone going in is on the guest list! Then inside on the back wall there is a DJ painted behind his decks! The castle is dark on the inside with an awesome state of the art LED lighting system giving you that real disco/nightclub feel. This boogie bounce can also hold adult weight! You can choose your music and bounce the night away at your own inflatable disco! Please do watch the video clip below to see what this amazing boogie bounce house has to offer! This castle would be great for all ages, venues and events. This castle is approx 20x20ft.¬†. Its really easy to pair the sound system to any blue tooth device, it can be your phone, iPad, iPod etc. you just turn your blue tooth, click on the speaker and it will play anything playing from your device. We do have an iPod with some preset playlists to make this easier for those that would like to use it.

Please note this castle DOES contain flashing lights.